men tango shoes Tango dance is a type of dance that originated from Rio de la Plata. It soon gained popularity in other areas and is now widely danced as a type of ballroom dance. Tango is influenced by different cultures from Europe and Africa and now has many variations and style.

It establishes a sense of teamwork and leadership on the part of the dancers. Since it is rather complex to learn. Partners have to get along with each other and should have a certain chemistry in order to dance it properly. womens tango dance shoes If you master the Tango dance you would find it easy to learn other variations of ballroom dancing, especially since a lot of people see the Tango, as one of the most difficult dances to learn.

Features of Tango dance

Different variations of the Tango dance uses different techniques. Argentine tango is the closest to the original dance but the most popular type is ballroom tango. In the original Tango dance, most basic steps start with the center of the body, followed by

some feet movement. This is the same technique used for Argentina tango as well as the variation danced in Uruguay.

Tango dance steps don’t necessarily follow a specific rhythm, as the timing and the speed of the steps vary depending on the accompanying music. The common aspect of most Tango steps lies in the feet movement, as most of them are typically gliding.

The Tango is a dance of leadership as mentioned earlier. This is why it is important for anyone who wants to learn the Tango to know how to properly lead and as well as follow. Since steps can be altered depending on the rhythm of the accompanying music, it is important that the two dancers knows how to improvise.

Benefits of Dancing the Tango

  • The most obvious benefit of the Tango dance is the fact that it keeps a person fit and healthy. It keeps dancers on their feet, as the very nature of the Tango is complex and relies heavily on the music to determine the rhythm and speed of the dance steps. Whether as a hobby or as a professional activity, the Tango dance can very much enhance a person’s alertness.
  • It is also a great outlet for creativity. By learning the Tango, it can be a venue to express oneself. It is a great way for one who love dancing to showcase ones passion for the performing arts. Learning the Tango dance may be challenging but it is well worth it, especially after one have successfully delivered her/his first performance.

The only disadvantage of the Tango is that it requires a lot of effort and practice to master but this is a requirement for any other dance so it really isn’t much of a disadvantage.

You can learn a style of tango or how to dance it right by going to a class or watching videos. A video has been used by some especially if classes are not available in ones area.

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