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Rumba is known to be one of the sexiest forms of ballroom dancing and it plays a significant part in the tradition and culture of Latin dances. Dancers who are just recently trying out the rumba dance may find it difficult to sway their hips to the rumba dance steps. Learning how to dance the Rumba is easy especially for those who have the innate talent in dancing.

This article will provide you with the seven basic steps on how to dance rumba. However, before you indulge yourself and practice right on, it might help to learn first about the dance and its fundamentals.

The most important rule in rumba dance is the constant eye contact between two dancing partners. Rumba dance tunes are normally composed of the 4/4 time. Rumba requires hip movements on a slow-quick-quick pattern. In Rumba, there is the so-called leading partner and the follower. The leading partner should be careful on his rumba dance steps as the follower, the woman, largely depends on his movements. Otherwise, the follower might get confused. Below are the seven basic steps of rumba dance:

  • For the leader or the man, you must stand with your feet together while facing your partner. Your right hand should hold the waist of your partner. Now stretch your left hand in level with your chest. Your elbow should be slightly bent and the palm raised. Now, hold your partner’s hand in a slightly lose and gentle grip.
  • Next, carefully listen to the 2/4 or 4/4 beat once the music starts playing. Step your feet to the left, left foot first and then the right, and then do the same with the right.
  • Again, step two times to your left. After this, step forward twice starting with the left foot and then do the same with the right.
  • Then bring your left foot to the right and then take a step with your right foot, two feet backwards. Finally, place your left foot together with the right and then repeat.
  • For the follower, the female, the basic rumba dance steps follows that of the leader. However, you must first position yourself properly. Place your left hand on your partners shoulder. Next, hold his stretched hand.
  • When your leader partner takes a step back, make sure that you’re able to step forward. Now when your partner proceeds to step forward, it’s your turn to take a step backward.
  • Finally, you need to remember that the rumba dance steps require you to mirror the movements of your partner while knowing your role as well.

Over the years, there have been modifications and improvements in the basic patterns and techniques in the rumba dance. There have been lifting steps and other more critical additions. There’s the american as well as the international style of this dance.

You can also learn more once you attend a class take a lesson or watch a dance video just like in other dances such as salsa, waltz and cha-cha.

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