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Ballroom dance has been around for ages with its popularity never diminishing. Television companies are airing ballroom dancing competition much to the delight of their viewers. One of the most popular ballroom dancing types is the elegant Waltz Dance.

This is usually danced in a beat of one-two-three. This is by far one of the easiest dances in ballroom dancing. Once you learn the basic steps you are quite safe throughout the dance.

Dancing the waltz is often performed in formal gatherings such as parties and wedding.

For those who are just starting to learn Waltz dance, here are a few basic step for dancing that you will be learning.

  • Box Step – The box step is the basic step of the waltz dance. The pattern you will be creating here resembles that of a box or square. Start by forward with the left foot, side step to the right and close with the left foot for ladies. The box step is the foundation of this dance and once you learn this, the next ones will be easier to follow.
  • Three Counts – In the basic steps for waltz dance, the box step follows three counts. This pace is called as “slow, quick, quick” foot steps and needs to be performed two times to create the box pattern.
  • Someone has to Lead – In the waltz dance, there’s a leader and there’s a follower. The man is the one who leads his partner in the dance.
  • Rotation – After mastering the box step in waltz dance, the next that you will be learning as a dancer is how to rotate this pattern. The turns in this dance usually starts towards the left hence the term left box turn. Each half box you create, you and your partner will move to the left. Once you finished creating two boxes, you will be back in your original position.

These steps are just the beginning in waltz dance. Once you’re familiar with the movements of your feet as well as the turns, you can then proceed to the more complicated steps. Add your gracefulness to your movements and you will be perfecting the waltz soon.

Learning how to waltz dance can be a nice way to spend your free hours in a social setting. Instructional videos helps you know different styles. Not only do you get the chance to try something new but it is also a form of exercise where you can sway to the sound of music and learn the art of balance and gracefulness as well.

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