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The swift salsa dance moves portrayed by Latin dancers did not come from a box that they simply opened up. These salsa dance moves came from years of constant practice and unending passion to the dance itself. Below are tips as to how you will be able to master just like them.

    1. Take salsa dance classes. Check the class available by instructors. Enroll in one who is good. A good instructor plus dance lesson will eventually make you a good dancer. Even after you have improved in one salsa class, there will always be someone better than you whom you can learn from. Even after learning from one teacher, enroll for another. it is possible that two salsa teachers will never teach the same technique, so try to find the variation and enroll in them.
    2. Watch different Salsa dance moves like in a video. Videos usually offers a lot of information. The dance moves will inspire you and eventually, you can mimic them accordingly especially if you have learned the salsa dance in a class.

women salsa dance shoes

  1. Practice your salsa dance at home. Its better if you have a partner who dances so well.  Do not limit yourself to practicing only when you have classes.Let salsa & more salsa be your motto.
  2. Buy an outfit that is perfect for your swift salsa dance moves. Take this outfit as an inspiration that when you wear it, you will ooze the confidence that you need to show off the moves everyone will envy.
  3. Obtain good music to match your salsa dance moves. Establish a good library that carries the vibrancy of any salsa song that will get you off your chair and start dancing.
  4. Practice basic moves. These basic moves are very helpful when dancing, since they are the standards of all dance moves. From these you will be able to create new ones.
  5. You may want to develop your own salsa dance style. Of course you might base it from what was taught to you, but eventually you will be able to develop them in ages, whether consciously or unconsciously
  6. You need to note complicated dance moves if you don’t get it immediately. Break them into simple steps, then learn it slowly.
  7. You can go to salsa events that your class might be hosting, or you can go to different events or nightclub with full of dancers where you can dance freely. Dancing them in the open automatically gives you the confidence that you will need to really dance salsa.
  8. Dance in a positive vibe. Let the whole dance floor feel your energy, as if it is feeding you positive energy, then let it all out through dance. Be happy that you are dancing.

If you suddenly feel awkward when showing off your salsa dance moves, remember that you are not the only one dancing, and that everyone else is dancing to their own rhythm. In the end, you will see that these salsa dance moves are so much more than just moves. They become an expression of oneself.

So move those hips, do you turn and make it a great performance of your life every time you dance the salsa. May it be in a studio, in a party, social event or in a ballroom dance hall. But don’t forget to buy a salsa dance shoe.