men swing dancing shoes Swing dancing is a kind of social dancing that is rather fast-paced and is being performed together with the rhythm of swing music. This is becoming popular nowadays with the cha cha because of the many benefits that it provides to the swing dance lovers.


Swing dancing comes in many forms depending on the accompaniment that the

dancers will choose. Some of the popular and older forms of swing dancing are Lindy hop, Balboa, east coast Swing, west coast swing and the modern swing. Lindy Hop, for instance, is danced with an eight-count circular basic and emphasizes on improvisation and the ability to adapt to include other moves and sequences. women swing dancing shoes

It can even be danced with blues and jazz rhythms, including modern music such as hip-hop. You get to pick which style you want.

Benefits that may be deduced from swing dancing

  • Swing dancing is good for the health. It can reduce stress and it can boost energy. Swing dancing, like any other dance improves strength, increases muscle tone and coordination. It helps lower the risks of coronary heart disease and it helps maintain blood pressure. So its a unique way of staying in shape.
  • Swing dancing is a great method of losing weight. With the movements of this dance, the steps in particular, it can definitely shed those extra pounds by burning more calories. The best part of this is that you do not feel the hard work that you exert into it because you love what you are doing and you are having fun.
  • Swing dancing is a pleasant way of socialization. By attending social dancing events or taking lessons, you will meet and greet different of people. So therefore this type of dance is a good source of fun amongst group of people especially with friends.
  • Swing dancing can provide you with a productive free time. When utilized for swing dancing, your free time can bring all the benefits that you can get from this activity.
  • Swing dancing can leave you with a good posture and enhanced self-confidence. You can also attribute this to other dances, as long as you perform the dance properly.

The only downside that can be taken out of swing dancing, it that it cannot be performed well without a partner. After all, social dancing is about dancing with a partner.

More than any other, swing dancing is a great way of spending your time. With all these benefits, you may say that this is the best social dance that you can do.

If you want to learn how to dance swing you take a class, watch a video on how to swing or ask another dancer to teach you.

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